Feast of Clans

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Display Name: Lord Administrator

email address: luke@msn.com
Username: admin

Display Name: Luke Junibalya

email address: Luke@Junibalya.com
Username: back_admin

Display Name: Apple Woman2

email address: DaApple@aol.com
Username: appleman

Display Name: Joe Spartan7

email address: Joe@go.com
Username: Joe_Spartan

Display Name: Captain Jack

email address: jack@jack.com
Username: CaptainJack

Display Name: Goblin War Machine

email address: war@Machine.com
Username: goblinWarMachine

Display Name: Luke Skywaka

email address: Luke@SSM.com
Username: skywaka

Display Name: Jacob Marley

email address: Jake@123Contact.net
Username: jacobMarley

Display Name: Aaron the Freaking Vampire

email address: a.ralg@msn.com
Username: aaronF

Display Name: Miley Mike

email address: mike@Miley.cc
Username: MileyMike